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Content is King (or Queen)

Table of Contents

Content is King (or Queen)

“I can’t write content????!” “I have no idea what to talk about … ????” “No one is reading this ????” …

Hold on. ✋

Ok, deep breath. Get it together. You’ve got this. And if you don’t, keep reading. Let’s see if we can’t solve this thing.

“Only an expert or a crazy person would create this much content about a specific subject” – Mike Killen.

Write about what you know! And write like you talk. I’m doin’ that here… heck, use apostrophes and slang and your own verbal phrases.

Put your personality into it.

Think about what you might want to share with your readers. Maybe you’re a coffee lover and want to talk about the best coffee beans or maybe you’re a new mom and want to share advice on raising kids. Write what you’re living right now.

And don’t be afraid to experiment! Try something different once in a while. You might be surprised how well it works!

  1. Write content about your own business.
  2. Get technical with the details.
  3. Use software or tools with suggestions.
  4. Post your own quotes on social media (and link back to your blog post)
  5. Repeat ????

Create Content Quickly

I’ll address each point and try to provide an example from my own business. I hope to inspire more fluid thought processes for writing, and show how to avoid writer’s block when generating “this much content about a specific subject.” Give me a couple more minutes of your time, and let’s get those creative juices flowing.

Write Content About Your Business

Duh. You know this. You’ve been doing it, day in and day out, for years. The phrase “I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know” comes to mind when thinking about people who are truly experts in their field. Be that expert – start talking, and the blog will create itself. Consider that last conversation you had with someone where you were excited and babbling on about your business. Let that babbling brook of knowledge flow in written form, and tell the world how much you’ve learned. Experience matters, and it build trust. I’ve always had the philosophy of using the product you’re selling, and then you can be confident when you’re selling it. I sell custom websites and branding, so I’ll write about that. You want to sell me a pen? Tell me why. Sell me this pen.

Get Technical with the Details

This is your field of knowledge. So knock it out of the park. You are marketing yourself as an expert, so show it! Geek out about some technical stuff you think nobody else cares about … because even if your customers don’t care, they’re so glad YOU care. That’s all you’re doing – proving that you care, and you’re invested in this business. If you go look at the articles posted in our blog, you’ll probably see some pretty technical stuff – we even have whole pages on our site dedicated to technical stuff. SEO, SSL, CDN, letterletterletter (as my mom likes to call acronyms), image compression, mobile optimization. Geek stuff. Every business has details that you love, so tell your customers about your dedication to those details.

Use Software or Tools with Suggestions

I wrote this blog post with Bramework. Ok, so I mostly wrote this blogpost myself, but I have written blogposts almost exclusively with Bramework or Frase. Or search for lists of FAQs within your business and pick a topic to write about. You can even reverse engineer social media post collections and find topics within those that you’d like to expand on. Find the questions your customers have, and write blogs that answer those questions.

Post Your Own Quotes

So whether you found a social media post with an inspiring quote, or you wrote a blog post and have a great phrase in it that you’d like to quote, get that out on your social media. Then in the social post text, or in a comment under it, link to your own blog post. This gives potential and current customers who find you on social media an opportunity to learn more.


Don’t just write one blog post. If you have the time, sit down and write two or three. Schedule them out. Plan ahead. Put your posts on repeat in whatever way you can. There’s even some cool tools, referring back to the “post your own quotes” above, that will grab quotes from your blog posts and repost them for you in an evergreen content format. 

Write for Fun (Bonus!)

The most important thing is that you enjoy writing. If you’re not enjoying it, you won’t put in the time or effort it takes to be really good at it. So find something you’re passionate about, and write about it!